Why are educated people tricked into paying Rs.300 an hour to get sick in crowdedtoxicswimming pools where people pee, poop, spit and sneeze? Because they don't know that they can learn swimming in the ocean that is much cleaner than the cleanest private swimming pool in the world and can be used free of charge!
Why do people swim in the ocean?
Skill sets and levels of mastery

The only European coaches in Pondicherry to teach children and adults how to swim in the ocean

My challenge

Professional sports, be it swimming or boxing, have little relevance to and application in real life, this is why Indians are usually not interested in sports.
I do not practise swimming as a sport. To demonstrate the difference between swimming as a sport and swimming as a yoga, I invite any Indian (not NRI) man or woman to compete with me and swim at real-life conditions:

  • just 3 km
  • between two boats anchored 2 km offshore
  • at 20-65º to the wavefront
  • on a full moon day
  • without an accompanying boat or a helicopter or a fellow swimmer
  • without a full-body suit